Friday, August 29, 2008


Virtue aka Miss Sissy Lou
meaning: "Work of Great Merit"

Just alittle background on my current pup in training...Virtue is now 19 months old and had an original turn in date August 08..... BUT she was up for breeder consideration. That was not to be she has TVD and will not be a breeder. However, she will still be going in for Formal Training on November 1st.

Here she is as a puppy discovering our toy box. It's been interesting with the pups to see who will chew up stuffed toys and who does not. Virtue loves her stuffed toys and does not tear them up. She likes to always have something in her mouth when she greets someone at home.

This is the longest we've had a dog before we had to turn them in. It makes it very, very hard to say goodbye. This girl has a personality that will just steal your heart, and yes she's definately stolen mine.

  1. Noah was turned in just a week after he turned 15 months and was working well before two.
  2. Landon never got turned in and was nuetered and career changed at approx. 12 months
  3. Caleb was turned in at 17 months and working before he was two.
  4. Dawson was turned in at 16 months and career changed about 3 weeks after that for severe hip dysplasia
  5. Virtue will be 21 months when she gets turned in

She's a big girl now..........

Pictures in Jacket

Pictures with some of the other animals she lives with

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pups...Past & Present

I am a puppyraiser for Guide Dogs of America. I have raised 5 pups for GDA...

Noah Working Guide

Landon Career Change

Caleb Working Guide
Yaeno at Graduation

Dawson Career Change

Part of the Stark Family here with Ethan

Virtue Puppy in Training