Monday, January 26, 2009

Catching Up again.......

Brian Is getting older.....He loves to play with Landon...steal his favorite bone, lay in the sun.

He is a very good boy............

He really loves to sleep on his several beds around the house......You will find him sometimes on Virtue's bed in the corner...Sunny side up

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time for Catch Up

My computer has a bug so I am playing catch up for the last month. Brain made an appearance on the Mark & Brian Show 95.5 KLOS....This was on December 17th....It was interesting. I have never been to a radio station before we where greeted in the lobby with a sign to welcome the pups to the station....It was myself and Brain, Chris with Mark, and Lori with Nigel.

We waited till they where ready for us to go on the air...You could hear Mark & Brian on the air talking about having the pups on..anticipation, we didn't know what questions they where going to ask, how long we where going to be there etc. Lorri has been there before so she was a pro.....
Here are a few pics of us at the station.....Mark & Brian held Mark & Brian while they where on the air....They both seemed to really enjoy the pups...They spent time with us after the interview taking pics and talking...Nice Guys