Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brian & Virtue update

We received a picture of Virtue in harness....with a postcard. She has passed her preliminary blindfold test and seems to be doing well. We have everything that can be crossed, crossed. We have hopes that Virtue will make it to become a "Guide".

In the course of a day in our office Brian is faced with some things most dogs will probably never see....He watched a new employee do "fit testing" it was a strange site with a cylinder over a persons head while wearing a mask with a hat on top. Brian actually helped this person remain calm.

Brian watched as Reggie our Educator packed up her dummies she uses for CPR Training...Brian could not help himself he ran over and grabbed one by the nose.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Day with the Doodle

We spent the day with Yaeno and Caleb. Here she comes down the street with that silly boy. They looked so proud, she walks tall and with such confidence and his tails just wags the whole time. Yaeno will tell you she is a Big City Girl a New Yorker who will walk anywhere. It was great to see them come down such a busy street.

Lunch was great at Cheesecake Factory in the Marina. Than we went back to Yaeno's where she showed us some of her pottery and the beautiful earrings she has been making. She has a piece in a show called "Innerlight" Art from the Braille Institue. It is running from Jan 30 - April 19th at Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale.

You know we got all our hugs in...Yaeno life has completely changed since she has a guide, she is on the go constantly....I was tired just hearing about everything she does...and she goes Salsa dancing every thursday. She took us on a tour of her complex..what a beautiful place and the Marina right across the street. I can say Caleb is one lucky dog.