Saturday, October 18, 2008

Balboa Island

On friday we took the Balboa Ferry to Balboa and had a grand adventure. We started out at Dutch's house and we played for awhile. Here are a pics of our day. We had lunch and went for a long walk. We stopped and played in the surf for awhile. Then Dutch and I took a shower to try to get some of the sand off us.

Resting while the humans had lunch

Yeeehawwwww we found the water..............

WOW...this is fun....... Dirty dogs need a shower

A shower is not the same as a bath.....I know I'll get washed again before the day is over

Beach Cruisers and wet dogs...sounds like the beach to me !!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Have bus will travel

The OCTA had a training day for service dogs. This gives service dogs of different types the opportunity to ride public transportion. There were Guide Dogs from all three schools in California, Canine Support Teams and CCI also attended.

They had three buses for us to ride, the buses where equipped with wheel chair lifts, lots of noise, muffled PA system, air brakes, pull cords, etc. The drivers gave us the opportunity to get on and off at the stops.

We stopped at Knott's Berry Farm we here we ran into some of our friends......

Lex Dutch Virtue Derby

Fountain at Knott's

Nap time after riding the bus